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China Cabinet


China Cabinet  A rather detailed china cabinet built into a dining room, with a window seat overlooking the park outside. The shape of the unit follows the golden spiral. For curtains, wood frames with fused, coloured glass slide open to store behind the cabinet. Materials: Quilted maple veneers, red gum solids, copper, brass. Clear, etched and […]

11 – Installation


More about the Jazzland wall to come, including the installation time-lapse, and a visit from friend Dean, when we get a chance. To see the entire build process, please click on Current Projects “Jazzland” Here’s the preview.

China display


An added radiator surround built to complete a living room china display wall. The feint, in cardboard. This is useful to sort out the troubles, before starting with actual materials. The finished radiator surround, in maple, walnut, curly cherry and bad light. Below: The room which was waiting for the added rad surround. Cabinetwork in […]

10 – Copper finishing


Fresh copper is a bit bright, and over a fireplace will discolour in any case, even if lacquered. The choice here was to add patination with a blowtorch and some chemistry, then wash and paste wax to finish. So the handles and fireplace header were cut, drilled as required, filed smooth, sanded (#320 and a […]

9 – Oil finishing


A pic of the most important oil-finishing tools. A Tri-star vac – pay upfront, and keep forever. The mop for wetting down the floors, a defining action for an oiled finish, along with liberal use of tack-cloths.   The oil finish consists of 2 coats of Livos #244, and 1 or 2 topcoats of #243. […]