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The feint, in cardboard. The finished radiator surround, in maple, walnut, curly cherry and bad light. The room which was waiting for the added rad surround. Cabinetwork in maple, with walnut doors, curly cherry display drawers – tops in black granite and copper details all over.

Meta log


Coming up shortly: a pair of boardroom tables, for a university biology dept, in Metasequoia of all things. Soft, yielding, and gorgeous colour. The ‘yielding’ isn’t just poetic license, it means the wood is difficult to clamp into wider sections, the pressure of the clamps doesn’t seem to reach the glue joint as effectively as for […]

Shop – Cheap Trash


          Cheap Trash, an open unit which does the same job as Trashy® with less bells and whistles, is also constructed of Arreis, melamine coated – it comes with 3 bins, side or back towel bar, locking soft casters, 90 lb. Accuride slides on the left or right hand sliding top […]