8 – Sanding!

The exclamation mark indicates joy.

For those inclined to this kind of info here’s what was done:

Belt sander # 150 on solid slabs, planks and all the doors.

Then grits 150 – 180 – 220 on all the work – always with a Festool 1/2 sheet sander, and with either Festool or Sia abrasives, it’s well worth going to the European makers for abrasives, and the Festool sanders are the gold standard from all which I’ve used. Sanding is very finicky work, it requires a good lighting set-up, multiple fans, and clean glasses to see scratches and swirls. And then a clean glass at the end of the day too…….

Seems like a lot of sanding? Yes sanding for lacquer can start and stop at 150 grit, but oiled finishes perform best on smoother surfaces, with Livos oil 220-240 is recommended. ┬áLooking forward to the oily days….



All the small bits in a pile, slabs and panels elsewhere…