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Narra desk

Here’s a recent piece, for a friend who does fabulous graphic design work – the wood tray pulls out and then tilts down to accept a drawing tablet or laptop – by eliminating the usual metal hardware, we were able to get a work surface without a lip protruding above , and still have about […]

Slab top table

Claro top coffee table

This is included here as a reminder to me: how is it that such a simple thing requires so many steps? The idea was to build the simplest 3 legged base, without detailed joinery, and without having the slab nearby – so  mortising the legs directly into the slab wouldn’t do….. 2″ live-sawn Claro Walnut […]


Banquette drawer

This banquette is shown on account of the semi-exploded view, showing the number of parts often found in a simple looking piece. In this case, the banquette has a live-sawn Walnut top, wormy Maple for the carcass, and 2 drawers within, running length-wise, for table linens, etc.    

Modern Shojis

Shojis, backlit

1st three photos: These doors are hinged, not sliding shoji screens, some of a series, in different rooms within a house. Curly soft Maple, Lucite (thence Modern), with antique Eastlake hinges supplied by the client. Livos oil finish, imbedded magnets as closers. Installed as closet doors, 10 feet high, they can be dis-assembled to replace […]

A coin collection

1200 blanks s

This is a not-so-small project for storing and displaying a coin collection. 1st and second photos: The prior starting point was to restore and rebuild a set of printer’s typeface  storage cabinets, incorporating a U-shaped wall to wall desk with live-sawn White Oak tops.   Placeholders for coins-yet-to-come, 1200 pieces in Baltic Birch, in 4 […]