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About: Quotations: My approach is as follows:

  1. For anyone who expresses serious interest I happily visit the site for an hour, free-of-charge, to look at the scope of work. At this stage we can discuss timing and budget considerations, and you can decide whether to move forward to drawings and estimates.
  2. If it is possible for a budget to be established at this stage, it defines the blocks of materials and activities which are possible, and gives us a place to start.
  3. Estimates for custom work are usually provided on an Excel document, with options and choices listed – you can add and subtract to get to the outcome/price you want, and you always have control over where the money gets spent. On occasion 1/10th scale models are required, to get a more realistic overview of the project.
  4. My clients will attest that I deliver more than enough to give good value.
  5. If we do only a site visit and a two hour design process, which generates enough information for you to use elsewhere for quotations, then I invoice $150.00 for the drawings which come from that conversation.

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Drawing proposal

Drawing proposal