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Spalted Maple Armoires


A pair of clothing armoires in all solid spalted maple, with exterior details kept to a minimum – no need to accentuate the look of this material…. The aluminum frames behind the doors aid in retaining the flatness of the wide planks. The sides and tops/bottoms are held with unglued mortise and tenon joinery, fastened […]

China Cabinet


China Cabinet  A rather detailed china cabinet built into a dining room, with a window seat overlooking the park outside. The shape of the unit follows the golden spiral. For curtains, wood frames with fused, coloured glass slide open to store behind the cabinet. Materials: Quilted maple veneers, red gum solids, copper, brass. Clear, etched and […]

Show at “Silence” in Guelph


Showing not furniture, but the detritus of furniture building and of life in general… All materials, aside from adhesives and fasteners, are diverted landfill – or rather, delayed landfill… (From April 7th, 2018) Before party at 7 pm, licensed, accessible, and hopefully fun. All proceeds to Wellington Water Watchers. Instagram here Fakebook here Water Watchers […]

11 – Installation


More about the Jazzland wall to come, including the installation time-lapse, and a visit from friend Dean, when we get a chance. To see the entire build process, please click on Current Projects “Jazzland” http://www.deanpalmer.ca Here’s the preview.

China display


An added radiator surround built to complete a living room china display wall. The feint, in cardboard. This is useful to sort out the troubles, before starting with actual materials. The finished radiator surround, in maple, walnut, curly cherry and bad light. Below: The room which was waiting for the added rad surround. Cabinetwork in […]

Narra desk

Here’s a recent piece, for a friend who does fabulous graphic design work – the wood tray pulls out and then tilts down to accept a drawing tablet or laptop – by eliminating the usual metal hardware, we were able to get a work surface without a lip protruding above , and still have about […]

Shop – “Oskar” Trashy

Oscar Trashy - one only - $1250

Here is a themed Trashy®, on 6″ nickel finish legs, for a musical household – built just because we could not resist it. Black lacquer, Colour-Core laminate keys. No sorry, it doesn’t play a tune, although a music box could be added….. The legs can be switched out for casters if desired. For more info and specs, […]

Shop – Revolver – Walnut on Maple


OBELISK BOOKCASE Walnut solids on Maple veneer-core shelves, copper nails. 360 º revolve on a 450 Kg (1000 Lb) bearing set. 700mm = 28″ 700mm = 28″ 2000mm = 80″ Total shelf space is approximately 4.6 meters (15 feet) long. The bearing set is guaranteed for life and easily replaceable, although we have never had […]