Self Serve #1 – Do little

Claro Table

About maintaining a lacquer finish.

Shown is a dining table, of 2 inch thick live sawn Claro Walnut and hard Maple, with steel posts joining the 1/2″ gap between the 3 top sections. 42″ wide, with a beautiful mushroom figure at one end of the slab.  Clear lacquer finish by Glen Baker. This type of finish is best maintained with nothing more than a damp rag – the bottom line: using spray-and-polish type aerosols will damage the lacquer surface, and make it difficult to re-coat later.

Lacquer finishes can be touched up for scratches, and if the thickness of the finish allows, they can be re-polished. Also, water rings and minor scratches or fading are often easily dealt with by polishing with the following product: