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These are furniture pieces which are in stock, ready to ship or pick up – in some cases they are show models at reduced prices, some are batch-produced – in any case the stock changes as they are sold.
Generally we have Revolvers, Trashys®, and various furniture pieces on hand – these are often a cost-effective way of buying hand-made furniture, since the studio is always in need of bank deposits…..
Please email or call anytime for more info on any of the pieces shown for sale here, and thanks for browsing.
[email protected] 519.362.9552
Photography: if you think “wow, that’s a great photo” it’s probably a Dean Palmer photo.

Shop – Knife Racks


        Low profile knife racks, designed for attaching to Trashy, but suitable for other flat surfaces. Baltic Birch with Walnut or other solids. Most are 30 cm (12″) high, and from 30 to 40 cm (12″ – 16″) long. Divided, or not…. Price: $100 – $150  

Shop – Cheap Trash


          Cheap Trash, an open unit which does the same job as Trashy® with less bells and whistles, is also constructed of Arreis, melamine coated – it comes with 3 bins, side or back towel bar, locking soft casters, 90 lb. Accuride slides on the left or right hand sliding top […]

Shop – Lacquered Bombay Tables

Bombay Tables – This bedside pair has double glass tops, between which photographs can be displayed, as well as using the top disc itself for display space, and feature storage pockets in the 2 lower discs. The three layers are separated by two swivel mechanisms. Coloured water-based lacquers on Baltic Birch. 360 degree ball bearing […]

Shop – “Oskar” Trashy

Oscar Trashy - one only - $1250

Here is a themed Trashy®, on 6″ nickel finish legs, for a musical household – built just because we could not resist it. Black lacquer, Colour-Core laminate keys. No sorry, it doesn’t play a tune, although a music box could be added….. The legs can be switched out for casters if desired. For more info and specs, […]

Shop – Revolver – Walnut on Maple


OBELISK BOOKCASE Walnut solids on Maple veneer-core shelves, copper nails. 360 º revolve on a 450 Kg (1000 Lb) bearing set. 700mm = 28″ 700mm = 28″ 2000mm = 80″ Total shelf space is approximately 4.6 meters (15 feet) long. The bearing set is guaranteed for life and easily replaceable, although we have never had […]