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11 – Installation


More about the Jazzland wall to come, including the installation time-lapse, and a visit from friend Dean, when we get a chance. To see the entire build process, please click on Current Projects “Jazzland” Here’s the preview.

10 – Copper finishing


Fresh copper is a bit bright, and over a fireplace will discolour in any case, even if lacquered. The choice here was to add patination with a blowtorch and some chemistry, then wash and paste wax to finish. So the handles and fireplace header were cut, drilled as required, filed smooth, sanded (#320 and a […]

9 – Oil finishing


A pic of the most important oil-finishing tools. A Tri-star vac – pay upfront, and keep forever. The mop for wetting down the floors, a defining action for an oiled finish, along with liberal use of tack-cloths.   The oil finish consists of 2 coats of Livos #244, and 1 or 2 topcoats of #243. […]

8 – Sanding!


The exclamation mark indicates joy. For those inclined to this kind of info here’s what was done: Belt sander # 150 on solid slabs, planks and all the doors. Then grits 150 – 180 – 220 on all the work – always with a Festool 1/2 sheet sander, and with either Festool or Sia abrasives, […]

7 – Hangers and handles


Getting open shelves hung on a wall without any visible fastening, and still able to be site-scribed at installation time, can be awkward. I usually opt for aluminum channels and angles, recessed in the shelf backs, and the sides where applicable. The deeper recess here allows for a bit of site fitting to the side […]

5 – Cherry wall panels


The first part of the eventual installation on site will be to panel a wall in Cherry veneers . It is straightforward, just there are lots of steps. 1st step: Get a custom lay-up for the ply sheets, they all have to live happily together, which can only be done if all the Cherry comes from […]

4 – Base cabinet work


Base cabinets (never to be confused with cabinet bases) are getting assembled, so far with Domino and screw construction – not glued since the cabinet tops will have to come off once the aluminum track and sliding door runners arrive. The middle of each cabinet length has a built-up 70 mm (<3″) gable, on account […]

3 – Panel work

Walnut sliders getting edged

A few things at a time here: background has Maple veneers for a Tv home, there will be a panel sliding on Eku Swiss hardware over the screen. On the saw, double-thickness (twice 1/2″) shelves in Cherry and Maple, and an open catalogue, which hints that the hardware is on backorder, so some cutting decisions have […]

2 – Base unit slab


Skipping ahead a little, working on the base slab and Maple solids so they will have time to move and cup and warp while the cabinet work continues. The slab will get worked on once a week for the next 3 weeks, hopefully it’ll stabilize enough by then for the final cutting. The slab is 9/4 […]