Metrik Studio focuses on designing and building furniture, and is located in Guelph, Ontario. Metrik is also sometimes a teaching studio where the love of hand-crafted furniture is passed onto the next generation of designers. We make every attempt to be full service for our clients, from complex new projects to small repairs required for old pieces. Almost all of our client base is for long term work, doing new pieces every year or two in different parts of each home.

Everything we build is intended to last for lifetimes, unless perhaps the piece is specified as a prototype. If your Metrik furniture piece ever requires attention for any reason, we are always a phone call away. For hardware items needing replacement due to normal wear, we can also order the exact parts required.

Each piece helps determine the construction techniques used. Sometimes dense with joinery, sometimes featureless “torsion box” slabs with all the construction details fully hidden. Every piece we do, even if fully built in, can be totally dis-assembled, moved, and reworked for a new location, so there is never a worry about “not taking it with you.” All work can be accompanied by a “care for” and replacement parts listing.

Construction: We use a wide variety of solid woods, largely domestic, with a high proportion of reclaimed urban logs used, including logs from the clients’ own property on occasion, or even that special lumber which someone’s Dad stacked up 30 years ago…

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I began the work by apprenticing with a European master cabinetmaker, and continue to be influenced by the Dutch design movement de Stijl. I was born in den Haag, Holland, and grew up in a multilingual household in about 18 locations in Quebec and Ontario, Canada. So the passion for household organization (and bookcases) started as self defence and evolved into a way of life. The studio work is in daily use in Ireland, the United States, Greece, and Canada.

My greatest appreciation is for my clients over the years.

Also a big thank you: Shannon McLeod was instrumental for much of the growth of Metrik – as well, much of the design work of various pieces shown here was shared by her, especially Trashy®

Shout out to Shannon!

Metrik Studio
490 York Road, Bldg F
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