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Luckily and thankfully, a new wall is underway. And hopefully it’ll be tracked here, with a new pic taken at 2 o’clock most days. Showing the progress of a large project, and allowing my most-fantabulous clients (yes, that’s seriously said) to keep an eye on my work days.

The construction for this starts with the never-to-be-seen bits on the floor, which are 2 grids under the cabinets, for levelling at installation time. Here I’m using solid wood instead of ply, so they’ll flex less while being levelled. More later about levelling bases, using both adjustable feet and plywood stand-offs.

Overkill construction here, using screws and Dominos, so the grids don’t have to be glued up (allows for changes, nervously..)

This wall project can be followed under the “Current Projects” tab “Jazzland”


Jazzwall base

Grid for levelling the base units