3 – Panel work

A few things at a time here: background has Maple veneers for a Tv home, there will be a panel sliding on Eku Swiss hardware over the screen. On the saw, double-thickness (twice 1/2″) shelves in Cherry and Maple, and an open catalogue, which hints that the hardware is on backorder, so some cutting decisions have to made by book-theory, never a happy thing. On the plus side, the hardware is from Hafele, they of the not-so-nice website, but having excellent customer service to make up for it. So all the hardware can be worked out using PDFs coming from them.



All panels get either solid edges here, starting at 3mm thick, or for un-exposed places, 1.5 mm taped edges, in both cases PVA clamped on. Seems archaic, but the edges never fail. Seems slow, but once the systems have been refined, and various helper parts have been built, it’s surprisingly quick. Someday the studio might get a heated clamping bar for this, but until then….

Here the Baltic birch tops of the base units are getting solid Walnut edges. What ?!? All will become clear when i get a chance to post a drawing….. The foreground clamps are gluing up a new clamping caul, hard Maple with Nagahyde 2 sides to repel glue. Drop a line if you have questions…..