Show at “Silence” in Guelph

Showing not furniture, but the detritus of furniture building and of life in general…

All materials, aside from adhesives and fasteners, are diverted landfill – or rather, delayed landfill…

(From April 7th, 2018)

Before party at 7 pm, licensed, accessible, and hopefully fun.

All proceeds to Wellington Water Watchers.

Instagram here

Fakebook here

Water Watchers here

Some pieces are still available.

Show poster – Mandala – Come, Let Us Shop

Border Wall – $500

Border Wall, 2018, detail

2 Condos, 2018, detail.


2 Condos – sold


Cityscape – NFS

True North, New North – $200

Home Security – sold

Exporting Democracy – $200

Mandala – Addiction – Seeking… something.. – $500

Bird song – sold

Old Saying (Rock and a Hard Place) – NFS

At Silence

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