Home Office & Home Theatre

Home Office

An installation in a second floor sunroom. The brief was for a maximum of organization, designed around the working habits of the client. Shallow trays (felt-bottomed) are for storage of individual  projects, based on the preferred 11 x 17 sheet size. The trays come out to the desktop as a project is active, and store below when not in use.

Materials: 2 inch Roasted maple desktops, with maple veneers and Baltic birch for all casework.

Design: Erik van Miltenburg and Shannon McLeod, with the client’s assistance (lots).  As always, thanks to Terry at A & M.





































Home Theatre

A residential installation, with all A/V components built into the space above the fireplace, sliding out on heavy duty hardware. I.Pod dock and DVD storage and lighting included. Wood finishing with aniline dyes and glazes, to avoid the pine going all-orange eh…
Materials: Knotty pine casework, with white ash mantle.
Design: Erik van Miltenburg to the client’s direction,  and Ken Wigboldus for room  construction.