2 Large Rooms

Panelled Room – 2 photos

A panelled library built into a rural residence with country gothic details, to match the house detailing. All moldings, 2 & 1/4″ thick doors,  and windows with arched  trim made to suit.

Materials: Solid pine, coloured (to avoid going that-dreaded-orange-pine-colour over time) with aniline dye mixtures and waxes, and some sweat and tears. Colour was developed to match the patina of the clients’ Adam period fireplace mantle.

Panelling design: Erik van Miltenburg, assisted by the client, with many thanks.

































Playroom – 2 photos

A large multi-use room incorporating bookcases, storage, and an access ramp, in an Ontario country residence.

Materials: Maple, Walnut, Jatoba handrails, glass, laminates, and more.

Design: Architect Circle, and the clients.