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A coin collection

1200 blanks s

This is a not-so-small project for storing and displaying a coin collection. 1st and second photos: The prior starting point was to restore and rebuild a set of printer’s typeface  storage cabinets, incorporating a U-shaped wall to wall desk with live-sawn White Oak tops.   Placeholders for coins-yet-to-come, 1200 pieces in Baltic Birch, in 4 […]

Redwall Pt 4


With the final panels in place, the unit is ready to dismantle, for colouring and oil finishing. In this case, after all sanding, wetting and final sanding, a base colour of yellow aniline dye was first applied, followed by mix of 4 red anilines. Then follows coating with Livos oils to provide the final sheen. […]

Redwall Pt 3


Starting to add panels. All the front panels are 3/4″ veneer core Curly Cherry, with 1.5mm edges applied, using red-coloured glue. The TV panel is first, since how it travels across the unit determines the placement of the rest of the wall panels. The balance of the panels are then added, layer by layer, using […]

Redwall Pt 2

Early red

Here are some photos of the set-up – the wall space has to be re-created in studio exactly as it is on site. First photo is the bones of the space itself, then clad with the flat cherry sheets which (on site) will go onto the strapping, and a shot of the supported rear of […]

Redwall Pt 1


Here are some dodgy photos of a current project, being referred to as Redwall – first a model, then some preliminary colour sampling, heading for a deep burnt red, on Cherry veneers and solids.               Redwall was first approached as just that, a red wall – in a new […]

Self Serve #1 – Do little

Claro Table

About maintaining a lacquer finish. Shown is a dining table, of 2 inch thick live sawn Claro Walnut and hard Maple, with steel posts joining the 1/2″ gap between the 3 top sections. 42″ wide, with a beautiful mushroom figure at one end of the slab.  Clear lacquer finish by Glen Baker. This type of finish is […]